"3 months in, and we’re loving Growth HQ!"

Lauren Whitty
Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Here at Growth HQ, we believe in nurturing growth and that starts within our team. In January Oscar and Will joined the Growth HQ team as Digital Marketing Interns, three months into their new roles we asked how they are finding the challenge and what they are enjoying?  


Oscar Gorman

My first 3 months at Growth HQ have gone way beyond my initial expectations. Having just graduated from university last year I was hesitant and nervous to go straight into a job but I cannot be more grateful to the company for how they have welcomed me.

Being eased into the role with smaller tasks helped hugely and I have already seen massive progress in both my marketing ability and confidence. Despite being an intern, I have so much responsibility within the company in regard to negotiations with big partners, onboarding and being a point of contact for clients - something I never expected.

Everyday presents new and exciting challenges, with the great thing about Growth HQ being that even if I am struggling with a task, there is always someone on hand to help.

 In the future I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the onboarding process more - I enjoy the organisational and editing side of the task and can really feel my contribution to the process of growing the company.I’m also excited to close bigger deals as my confidence and ability heightens in the upcoming months.

William Roberts

My first three months being part of the Growth HQ team is honestly not at all what I expected - in a good way! I think I speak for most graduates when I say the working world seems like a really a scary place, full of harsh expectations and office politics - but I'm lucky enough to begin my professional journey in an environment where all my mistakes are learning curves, and all my wins call for celebration!

I've been given the freedom to approach all aspects of my role in a way that works for me, while simultaneously provided with a framework that I can use throughout my career. While a lot of the things I'm learning are applicable to all working roles and industries (time management, prioritisation, negotiation), I've also been able to learn more about the things I'm really interested in like data analysis, creative design, integrative marketing channels - the list goes on.

I've had the pleasure of learning from and working with some amazing people; all of whom have contributed to my success here at GHQ. Its not just the work that I enjoy, but the culture too - from day one everyone made me feel part of the team, which I think is one of the most important attributes of a company in today's world. So hopefully I'll be staying forever, because the bar is set too high now!

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Lauren Whitty

Account Manager