Pair Eyewear: The Value of the top of the Funnel

Lauren Whitty
Thursday, March 14, 2024

Who are Pair Eyewear?

Founded by Nathan Kondamuri and Sophia Edelstein, both featured in Forbes 30 under 30, Pair Eyewear is a US eyewear brand with a difference. At Pair, they understand wearing the same thing every day can get a little dull.

Pair offers the unique ability to customise glasses and sunglasses frames, by offering hundreds of interchangeable magnetic frames to switch up your style spending on your mood at a fraction of the price. 

Pair have also partnered with The Eyelliance, a non-profit organisation who help provide glasses and vision care to children in the developing world. For every Pair purchased, they will provide glasses to a child in need.


We began working with Pair in 2022, and our initial task was to diversify the range of publishers they had driving traffic, relying less on bottom-funnel publishers. However, we wanted to create incrementality for their affiliate programme by proving how adding upper funnel partners could accelerate growth and improve results.


With the ultimate goal of increasing new user acquisition across the US for Pair Eyewear, the first 3 months of our management for Pair’s affiliate programme was a “clean up” and migration project. We took over a programme which was only accessible to low funnel partners who were not adding value despite accumulating costs. This was replicated for the tech (SaaS) platform the programme was being run on.

After moving to a more efficient and cost effective SaaS platform and removing all the low value affiliates, we were able to shift our focus to onboarding quality US partners across the whole affiliate funnel.

Following on from this initial stage we then researched Pair’s key SEO search terms and top media and content publishers within the US, and created a hit list of publishers that had the reach and engagement across unique customer segments, to not only drive new user conversions, but also drive brand awareness and consideration. We then negotiated packages with these publishers through CPA and flat fee campaigns. All campaigns were forecasted to drive a CPA that would hit targets.


Our focus on growing the middle and upper funnel resulted in an incredible 80% YoY increase in new user sales and a 13% monthly average in clicks across 2023. At the end of 2023, the programme had 70 click active partners, compared to 28 click active partners in Q1. 46% of new users' were from upper funnel partners, as well as 67% of programme clicks. Expanding Pair Eyewear's media house partners opened up a whole new level of brand awareness, including well-known partners Rolling Stone and Katie Couric Media.

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Lauren Whitty

Account Manager